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In 2015, YI Technologies introduced a new camera called “The YI Action Camera” [See it on Amazon]. Most of the people call it the “Go-Pro killer”. Because this camera is similar to the GoPro [New GoPro HERO7] proprietary in the market. Also, it is the best budget action camera for the cheapest price out there you can buy right now.

My experience with this action camera is really awesome! Sometimes people asking “Hey, is this a toy camera?”, I’m just smiling for them. But everyone loves its cute interface with lime green and yellow. Also, it has available in white and black.

Why YI Action Camera?

Most of the action cameras come with a range of accessories and you can attach them to monopods, bicycles, handlebars, helmets, belts and take them to underwater or attach to practically anything. Due to the facilities and technology afforded by the camera, it is slightly more expensive. However, This Yi Action camera is the best budget action camera to buy in the market I’ve ever seen.

This action camera is really valuable with its features. It can record videos in Full HD 1080p Videos using 16 MP ultra-wide-angle lens. Also, this camera equipped with the world’s leading image process, Ambarella A7LS that offers full HD video, noise and blur reduction. It will seemly get creative and shoot with the self-timer, time-lapse mode, or burst mode as well. No more words needed to explain, this is the best camera for travel photography.

How to Use Yi Action Camera?

This camera has a built-in tripod mount. So you can easily set up your camera with any tripod monopod or any wear that can be having a tripod mount. You can use these accessories as a basic starter accessories kit [See on Amazon] for your action camera. Also, you can use this action camera as a waterproof camera using a waterproof case [See on Amazon] that can reach 40m.

Here’s how you can use your camera with buttons and functions. See how its easy like you seen.

How to Use Yi Action Camera

You can include a memory for your YI Action Camera with a capacity between 16GB and 64GB with FAT32 format sd cards. So you can be using a class 10 micro SD card for the best performance its good to go with SanDisk 64GB [See on Amazon] one.

Once you have some recorded footages with this camera you can use videos editors like Wondershare Filmora to edit them. Or you can use mobile lightroom presets to edit awesome photos have you taken. It will be awesome if you can publish your videos with some free music to starting your Youtube channel as well.

Where to Buy?

The current market for this camera is around $54.00 – $69.99 and Have some different versions. Comparing with Go Pro, the value of this camera is worth the cost. But it can depend on each other’s own.

So you can buy this awesome action camera and accessories from below links,

Hope this article has helped you to get more details to buy this best budget action camera for the cheapest price out there. If you love with the camera, never forget to share this article to see this to someone!


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